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Refcom Elite – Best practice in refrigerant management

Ian Hobbs Technical Services hold the accreditation of Refcom Elite. This means we are working to industry Codes of Practice and in compliance with all current legislation to ensure containment of refrigerant of any type. Work activities covered includes installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance, leak checking and decommissioning on any kind of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment.

Refcom has been operating Refcom Elite (formally Refcom voluntary registration scheme) since 1994 to promote the responsible management of ozone depleting refrigerant gases. Refcom recognised early the need for controlled management of fluorinated gases – widely used in the industry for their stable, non-flammable and energy efficient qualities, but with a high global warming potential if released.

Their objective is to encourage employers to operate entirely to industry best practice; for them to be environmentally aware and to operate entirely in compliance with current legislation; for their operatives to be suitably trained and competent to carry out their work in accordance with Company procedures.